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You came to this site in the search for fine jewellery at great prices. Low prices are often synonymous with a negligence in customer service, we pride ourselves in achieving the best of both worlds: Affordability of quality products while paying special attention to you. As we are a small business, we have time for your questions and can do that little extra that makes you feel appreciated. We understand that such statements are overused in these times but we invite you to give us a try. Risk-free. If you are not happy with your purchase you can make use of our generous 30-day returns policy and a secure site to keep your details safe.

JAREEYA welcomes you to a glamorous shopping experience.

Fine Jewellery For You

Fine Jewellery should look good and be affordable, coupled with outstanding customer service. A phrase that is often said but hardly ever executed in the way it is meant to be. JAREEYA is working hard to achieve this goal and we invite you to put our statement to the test.

Who we are

JAREEYA is an off-spin from Idin Jewellery®.While Idin Jewellery is focusing on fashion and handmade jewellery, we thought it worthwhile to offer our clients fine jewellery on a dedicated website and its own brand.

Precious metals

Our selection of jewellery spans the most commonly used precious metals for jewellery: Gold, Silver and even a small selection of Platinum. Each has its own benefit and you can choose what fits you best in terms of looks and budget.

What to find


Speaking of "Fine Jewellery", diamonds jump straight into your mind. Browsing through our diamond range will cater for what you are looking for.

Help and Further Information

Not sure what to look out for in diamonds? Want to know more about gold? Or how do you care for your expensive pearls? We provide you with a range of articles to answer your questions. We are working on a wide array of subjects and the list of articles is growing steadily!

Jewellery You will Find with JAREEYA

Unfortunately, when it comes to fine jewellery, plenty of deceptive terms have been coined to make the customer believe they get the "real thing" for an unbelievable low price. While it is perfectly ok to manufacture and sell gold-plated jewellery for example, it must be described as such. JAREEYA is selling only genuine jewellery and when you read "gold" then we mean gold. If an item is gold-plated, then we will say so.

Other than trying to pursue a sale with mis-leading terminology, one can also sell cheap imitation jewellery. There is nothing wrong with buying good looking jewellery that looks just like real gold or diamonds as long as the seller is disclosing the information of what exactly you are buying.

To make it easy for you what to find (and what not) on our website, we compiled the following list, so you don't have to be constantly on the guard to figure out what each item exactly is:

What to find
9ct Gold Jewellery
18ct Gold Jewellery
925 Sterling Silver
Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver
Rhodium-plated Gold
What you will NOT find
"Gold Filled" Jewellery
Gold-Plated Base Metal
Rhodium-plated Base Metal
Fashion or Costume Jewellery
Counter-Feited Products
Misleading product descriptions